Il Natale in val di Fassa

Spending Christmas in the mountains at the hotel is really a great idea!

In addition to sports, wellness and high altitude relaxation, the Fassa valley contains, in Christmas time, the true magic of Christmas ... All of you, thanks to our special offers and packages, will decide to choose a Christmas holiday in Vigo di Fassa at the Piccolo Hotel, you will immediately experience the magic of these festivals who know of love, hot chocolate and wellness ...

You who are lucky enough to spend a winter holiday in Vigo di Fassa during Christmas time, you can visit the many Christmas markets in the area: such events are both Vigo di Fassa and other nearby villages!

At the Christmas Market in Vigo di Fassa, you can buy lots of handicraft products, gift ideas, Christmas decorations of all kinds, without forgetting the gastronomic specialties, for which the Val di Fassa area is well-known.

Vigo di Fassa is a very popular tourist destination because it offers a lot of fun for the youngest, not by chance, is often chosen by families with children: the children love snow, this is known, but in addition to this Vigo di Fassa is rich in parks and places specially designed for the youngest. In the Conca Ciampedie, accessible directly from the village center via a convenient cable car, there is a real Baby Park, a very colorful playground and immersed in nature.


A Christmas holiday in Val di Fassa, of course, also rusts with taste: local gastronomy is delicious, always very faithful to the local tradition, both in restaurants and in the lodges and huts on the ski slopes. On a holiday in Val di Fassa you have to taste the delicious speck, the many locally produced cheeses, honey, a sweet specialty typical of these areas in Trentino, and also the many bakery specialties by the ovens local, always very creative and ready to prepare traditional bread with a variety of ingredients.