A few hours of pleasant relaxation after a hard day at the slopes or on the hiking trails among the Dolomites


IMG_4850Our charming wellness centre awaits you, offering you a few hours of pleasant relaxation after a hard day at the slopes or on the hiking trails among the Dolomites.

Here you can:

  • eliminate toxins in the Finnish sauna or Turkish bath
  • relax in the more delicate temperatures of the tepidarium
  • massage your muscles in the bubbles of our hot tub

For those who love to tan, there is also a sun-bed.



Finnish Sauna

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  • Inside, the temperature ranges from 70 to 100 degrees; the humidity rises to around 10-20%, favouring the elimination of toxins through perspiration.
    One single session reinforces the immune system, accelerates the heart rate and the metabolism, makes the blood more fluid and improves the circulation. There are also immediate benefits for the skin, which rapidly appears healthier and smoother.

Turkish Bath

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  • The temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, so lower than in a sauna, but the humidity can rise to even 90-95%. The combined action of steam and heat dilate the blood vessels so improving the circulation and helping to eliminate toxins. The experience speeds up the metabolism and makes slimming easier. By adding scented oils to the steam you can make the experience even more intense and regenerating.


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  • In the thermal baths of the ancient Romans the tepidarium was the room where a moderate temperature was maintained, an intermediate room between the caldarium, where one was to sweat, and the frigidarium, the room where the cold baths were located. It is ideally used before a Turkish bath or a sauna to prepare the body to sweat and afterwards to favour a gradual drop in the body temperature. To make the most of your visit to the tepidarium we recommend you sip a refreshing drink in order to fully rehydrate your body.

Hot Tub

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  • A welcome bath of hot water, a few scented candles to illuminate and perfume the environment, some relaxing background music and a thousand air bubbles that caress your body in a magical embrace. Relaxation in its purest form.