Hotel in Vigo di Fassa with wellness and wellness center

The three-star Superior Hotel Vigo di Fassa has a lovely wellness and wellness center, ideal to give you a few hours of relaxation after a day of skiing on the slopes of the Dolomites or strolling through the Trentino trails.

A few hours of sauna, steam bath, tepidarium and whirlpool will help you:

· Eliminate toxins

· relax

· Massage the muscles

· Forget the stress of work and the city

·              unplug

The wellness and wellness center features:

· Tanning bed

·              Finnish sauna

· Relaxation area with sun loungers

· Tisaneria area

·              Turkish bath

·              Jacuzzi

· Tepidarium

· Fitness area with tools 

The benefits of the wellness and wellness center

The Finnish sauna

Inside, the temperature is between 70 and 100 degrees; humidity rises around 10-20%, favoring the elimination of toxins through sweating. Already a single session strengthens immune defenses, accelerates heartbeat and metabolism, fluidizes and improves circulation. Even the skin is more beautiful and exhilarating.

The Turkish bath

The temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, so lower than in a sauna, but humidity also reaches 90-95%. The combined action of steam and heat dilates blood vessels by improving blood circulation and facilitating the disposal of toxins. Metabolism accelerates and slimming will be easier. Adding aromatic scents to the steam will make the experience even more intense and regenerating.

The tepidarium

In the spas of the ancient Romans, there was the room where a moderate temperature was maintained, a passage room between the calidarium, destined for sweating, and the frigidarium, the cold bath room. It is perfect either before a steam bath or a sauna to prepare for sweating and afterwards to favor a gradual lowering of body temperature. Ideal during the break in the tepidarium is to sip a refreshing drink to rehydrate the physicist.

The tub

A cozy bath full of hot water, some scented candles that illuminate and smell the environment, a relaxing background music and a thousand air bubbles that caress your body in a magical hug. It's the ultimate in relaxation.


For tanning lovers, there is also a sunbathing cot.