estate e il Nordic walking in val di Fassa

Summer and Nordic Walking in Fassa Valley

The valley of Fassa in the heart of Trentino Alto Adige is known for its snowy summits in winter but also for the uncontaminated beauty of summer meadows and pastures. A true oasis of nature with breathtaking scenery, will be the ideal setting for your holiday in Al Piccolo Hotel.

In the summer, the landscape of Val di Fassa is characterized by an imposing and majestic scenery: eternal glaciers make a massive and very high mountainous crown on whose hips, as they descend from the altitude, grow lush forests that in the most part low valley leaves the place to green pastures.

During your summer holiday in Fassa Valley, you will also have the opportunity to try new sports and new activities at high altitudes, first of all Nordic Walking.

This discipline consists of a walk with sticks between paths, paths and meadows. Surely many of us have already walked with the sticks but we can assure you that Nordic Walking is a totally different system as the stick is used to push and not support. You do not have to think about going faster or making it less effort because the fundamental principle of this new discipline is to involve as many muscle as possible and, consequently, increase energy expenditure at the same speed and distance traveled. At the same time it improves physical fitness.

The benefits of Nordic Walking

Over the years, a lot of Nordic Walking studies have been carried out that have tried all the benefits that this discipline can make:

· It's 40% more effective than Walking without sticks.

· Increases energy consumption due to the great muscular involvement (85% of the body muscle, ie about 600 muscles).

· Lightens the load on the motorcycle during movement, safeguarding the ankle, knee and spine joints more effectively.

· Thanks to the active involvement of the auxiliary muscle of the respiratory system, it increases the oxygenation of the entire body.

· Maintains four of the five main forms of physical or conditional qualities: strength, strength, mobility, coordination 

· Breaks the contractions in the shoulders and back of the neck.

· Delays the aging process.

· It saves the work done by the heart.


· Strengthens the immune system and stimulates the elimination of stress hormones