Le card e le convenzioni della val di Fassa

The valley of Fassa has a particular charm not only in winter, but also in the summer, when the snow melts and leaves place in the green meadows and the many fragrances of mountain flowers: a charm that can not be heard to explain, but that you have to live at least once in life together with your family.

Exciting hikes, walks, MTB Mountain Bike trails, nordic walking trips ... you can reach the highest odds on the top and admire the landscape from above!

And throughout the summer season, the valley of Fassa will allow you to also take advantage of passes and cards for conventions and discounts.

Panorama Pass

With Panorama Pass you can reach the most impressive views of the valley without much effort. This is thanks to the fact that with this card valid throughout the summer, on selected days and on daily races on all open lifts, you can move freely. This card is also valid on the main public transport means on the provincial roads.

3 options for 3 Panoramapass prices with Val di Fassa Card:

· 3 days out of 6 (you can use the 3 day pick-ups within 6 consecutive days of PanoramaPass validity): adults € 47,00 (normal price € 58,00); boys (born after 01.06.2001) € 27.00 (normal price € 33.00); free for children born after 01.06.2009.

· 6 days on 6: adults € 68,00 (normal price € 79,00); boys (born after 01.06.2001) € 43.00 (normal price € 49.00); free for children born after 01.06.2009.

· 7 days out of 13 (7 day pick-ups can be used within 13 consecutive days of PanoramaPass validity): adults € 79,00 (normal price € 92,00); boys (born after 01.06.2001) € 50.00 (normal price € 59.00); free for children born after 01.06.2009.

To take advantage of the discount you must request the Val di Fassa Card at the reception of the Piccolo Hotel and perform it at the lifts of the ski lifts and in the tourist offices of the valley where you can buy PanoramaPass. For kids and children reductions, a document is required.


Dogs and animals: Panorama Pass does not provide free transport of medium to large animals. However, it is also possible to purchase the subscriptions for the dog at a reduced price (boys), at the same time as the owner of the PanoramaPass purchase. Use of the muzzle and leash are compulsory during the uphill.