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A break under the wooden roof, barefoot on the larch, looking at the Roda di Vael from the window. These rooms represent our idea of bio suite, spacious and entirely in wood, with a antiallergic soul without glues or paints harmful to health.

The Bio Room Ciampedie

The Bio Room Ciampedie is a bio room completely renovated, designed to make guests feel surrounded by nature and the wood of the valley. You will feel like living in an Alpine Chalet, with cozy mountain furniture, living room in local spruce wood, wooden floor, precious natural materials and hypoallergenic wood, without the use of toxic glues and paints. Furnished with natural materials and bioenergy devices, it is free of harmful elements, totally shielded from electromagnetic waves. The floors and furniture are made of solid wood; the bathrooms are large and spacious.

Bathrooms are large and spacious. They are equipped with: private bathroom, satellite TV, safe, telephone, corner bench and small entrance, panoramic balcony facing Ciampedie peak.

About 21 m2.