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Entorn Vich: edizione classica

Entorn Vich: classic edition in val di Fassa

Entorn Vich is the main event, the festival that was born several years ago and winds through the streets of the country with tastings of typical dishes, antique crafts and local folk music. Already last year was introduced the novelty of the coins that is being resumed again this year. The Entorn Vich classic editions will be two: July 18 and August 22.


In addition to the two classic editions, there will be two Specials: Twice Entorn Vich Boys and Twice Entorn Vich Fractions. The Entorn Vich boys' editions will take place on July 7 and August 18 and will be dedicated to the youngest with many games and without the classic tastings, but with more stalls with sweets, sandwiches and chips, just as they like the boys.


Finally two fractal editions, which will take place in the hamlets of Costa and Val on July 2 and another in the hamlets of Larcionè on September 3rd. In the first edition of Costa and Val, the route between tastings, music and folklore will begin at 5 pm and will continue until evening, while Larcioné editions will be diurnal from 11:00 to 16:00.