Nordic walking, sport for everyone that brings great benefits!

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is walking with the aid of poles. But hold on! Many of us have used sticks before to help us walk but we can assure you that Nordic Walking is a completely different system in that the pole is used for pushing and not as a support. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Nordic Walking makes you go faster or that it requires less effort, because the fundamental principle of this new discipline is that of involving as many muscles as possible and, consequently increasing the amount of energy expended at the same speed and over the same distance. At the same time, it also makes you physically fitter.

Benefits of Nordic Walking

Throughout the years many studies have been carried out on Nordic Walking that have proven all the benefits that this discipline provides:

  • Nordic Walking is 40% more effective than Walking without poles.
  • Nordic Walking increases the consumption of energy thanks to the extensive muscle involvement (85 % of the body muscular system, that is, 600 muscles).
  • Nordic Walking lightens the stress on the locomotor system during movement, further safeguarding the ankle and knee joints and the vertebral column.
  • due to the fact that it actively involves the auxiliary muscles of the respiratory system, Nordic Walking increases the oxygenation of the entire organism.
  • Nordic Walking maintains four of the five main forms of physical and conditional qualities active: resistance, strength, mobility, coordination.
  • Nordic Walking loosens contractions in the shoulder area and the nape of the neck.
  • Nordic Walking delays the ageing process.
  • Nordic Walking economizes the effort required of the heart.
  • Nordic Walking reinforces the immune system and stimulates the elimination of the hormones generated by stress.
(Sources: Studies by the Cooper Institute, Dallas, “Sports Medicine” Hollmann, Hettinger, Schattauer 2002)