Surrounded by nature of Trentino

Dolomiti Walking

dolomiti_walkingLe Famiglie del Walking Hotel

We are fourteen Trentino hoteliers united by a strong passion for the mountains.

Our hotels, situated in the magical scenery of the Dolomites, are the ideal starting point for walks. On returning to the hotel, our families will be ready to give you a warm welcome and listen to your comments and impressions.

We wish to convey the passion and discovery of the mountains at a slow pace.

Discovery Trentino

  • taking you on a journey to discover the real character of Trentino and the hospitality of the local people;
  • being the reference point for discovering the traditions and culture of Trentino;
  • giving you the exciting experience of being completely involved in the life of a mountain community;
  • introducing you to the Trentino cuisine with its culinary delights and local specialities;